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Guarantee & Info

Guarantee & Info

Our Health, Hip and Eye Guarantee



We give an initial 72 hour health guarantee on our puppies. This guarantee begins on the day and time in which the puppy is in the hands of the new owners.


Your new puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time you receive it. With first shots and de-wormings given.


If the examining veterinarian finds anything SERIOUSLY wrong with the puppy, such as parvo, corona, or distemper, (we do not consider internal or external parasites as serious illness), It will be exchanged for an equivalent puppy, same sex, same color, at once or when available, PROVIDING a written and signed statement from the examining veterinarian is submitted to the breeder, of the puppy‘s illness.. This letter MUST be signed and dated during the 72 hour period. The time will only be extended if a puppy is picked up on a Friday or Saturday and the next Monday is a holiday. No exchange will be made after this time period and no refunds will be made under any circumstances.



If a replacement puppy is from a different litter, with a price difference, buyer understands he/she must pay the difference in price before replacement takes place. Also, if puppy is being shipped, buyer is responsible for ALL shipping charges that may apply.


The breeder assumes no responsibility after leaving the breeder, other than specified above. Such as: disagreement of family or landlord, allergies, medical expenses, future illness, diseases, death or for any other reason not stated above.


We take whatever means necessary here at Ireland Farms, to produce healthy Labradors. Please be assured, your breeder would NEVER intentionally sell you an unhealthy puppy.


Let it be clearly understood that no warranty of representation has been made with respect to your puppy, except than is set forth in the agreement above.



Posted on our website on FEBRUARY 2, 2007.

Hip Guarantee

Please note that the below items must be followed and the micro-chip number must be submitted as stated in section 1, otherwise the guarantee is void.






Although performance, health and soundness of the sire and dam of a litter does not guarantee the offspring, there is a great chance of improving/keeping positive results through a very selective breeding program. We research bloodlines, and health of Labradors in our pedigrees before purchasing. We do everything possible here at Ireland Farms to produce a good, sound Labrador, free of genetic diseases.


With great confidence in the puppies we produce, We give a 26 month guarantee on the hips of the puppies bred by us here at Ireland Farms.

Our guarantee is for a puppy replacement, or at our discretion, your money back, if the OFA finds the puppy having moderate to severe hip dysplasia. The following terms and conditions must be met to make this guarantee valid!


1) The puppy MUST be micro chipped before 16 weeks of age by a licensed veterinarian, A signed statement from the vet MUST be sent to us, with the microchip number included on the statement, within 2 weeks of the implant of chip. (see note at the bottom of page for the importance of the microchip).


2) The puppy MUST be fed a quality “puppy” food until it reaches one year of age. Good quality puppy food has the necessary nutrients needed for a growing puppy. Also, after 12 months of age, purchaser must continue a good quality food. Also purchaser must have wellness exams done by their veterinarian every 6 months and provide those documents to us.


3) The puppy MUST not be allowed to become obese.


4) The puppy MUST be given exercise, yet, not excessively.


5) The puppy has not suffered abuse, trauma, injury or neglect that would affect development, this voids all guarantees.


6) The puppy must have a preliminary exam on the hips, before 15 months of age, sent to the ofa, and the results sent to us before 18 months of age.


7) The purchaser shall immediately notify the breeder of the condition and diagnosis of the hips.


8) The puppy's microchip number MUST be included on the paperwork by the examining veterinarian, which must scan the chip. Also the chip number MUST be included on OFA results.


9) The breeder, at our expense may require a second exam of the dog by a licensed veterinarian of OUR choice.


10) In the event both veterinarians arrive to the same diagnosis, the puppy/dog will be replaced at the next available litter with same sex/same color. Puppies will not be shipped. Pick up only.


11) In the event of a differing diagnosis, Buyer may request a third exam by a licensed veterinarian agreeable to the breeder. ALL expenses, associated with a third diagnosis, if necessary, be at the responsibility and expense of the purchaser. The diagnosis of a third exam will be binding.


12) Expenses for initial diagnosis, shipping of records, x-rays, and other info is the responsibility of the purchaser.


13) The dog must be registered to the original purchaser at the time of diagnosis.


14) The dog must not have sired/whelped a litter prior to the testing of hips, and/or before 2 years of age.


15) We do not require the dog be returned to us, but purchaser MUST provide proof to us, that the dog has been spayed./neutered within 45 days of diagnosis, whether purchaser is keeping or placing the dog.


16) Purchaser will return all AKC registration/ paperwork to Ireland Farms.


17) The Breeders monetary liability is expressly limited to the original purchase price under ALL circumstances, the purchaser agrees to liquidate all damages in/over the amount of the purchase price.

18) Must keep the name "Ireland Farms" in the registered name of dog.

IMPORTANCE OF THE MICROCHIP- We will only replace a puppy/dog that has been bred by us here at Ireland Farms. Not everyone is as honest as others, so we require the chip to be inserted.

We guarantee your dogs eyes for the first year. An eye check must be done by a licensed animal eye doctor. This must then be turned into the Canine Eye Registration Foundation. Once the final results are returned and if your dog does not pass due to a non-injury issue, you will be given a puppy replacement, or a refund, at our discretion. The following criteria must be done for this guarantee to be valid:


See above #1-6, and #12-18. If these are not followed, the eye guarantee is void.


Buyers/Sellers Bill of Sale and Health Agreement

The Seller guarantees this puppy/dog to be in good health, to the best of her/his knowledge at the time of sale. Within 72 hours of sale purchaser must have puppy/dog checked by a licensed Veterinarian to validate this agreement.

If the Veterinarian finds anything wrong with the puppy/dog, the puppy/dog will be exchanged for another puppy of equal value at once or as soon as one becomes available. A letter from the examining Veterinarian must be provided to validate the exchange and the puppy/dog must be returned within 48 hours of examination. Ireland Farms assumes no responsibility with medical bills incurred once puppy/dog leave premises.

The puppy will be provided with AKC papers when the puppy/dog leaves with its new owner. All sales are FINAL and there are absolutely NO CASH REFUNDS made. DEPOSITS are NON REFUNDABLE.

I have read the Bill of Sale & Health Agreement and understand and adhere to the conditions of sale.

Signature of Purchaser: __________________________________

Date of Sale: __________________________________

Purchasers Name: __________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________


Sellers Information:

Breed: __________________ Color: ___________________________

Whelped: ______________________ 

Sire: _______________________ AKC#: ___________________________

Dam: _______________________ AKC#: ___________________________

Litter #: _______________________ 


Signature of seller: ______________________________________________________