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Happy Owners

Duke is doing great. He's been the best dog and is having a great season on the water completing long blind retrieves and many double and triple retrieves. He lives to be in the duck boat and his attention is astonishing while hunting.
Attached is a recent picture after an Eastern Washington hunt on the Columbia in sub-freezing temperatures.
As always I highly recommend your labs, feel free to use my as a reference anytime or let me know if you ever need any assistance with anything. Or if you are ever interested in using a good-looking black male hunting lab stud ;)
Thank you and hope all is well.

Jon Poolman


We had our first snow of the season, and Decoy loved the snow. He is a fabulous dog!! My in-laws got a new German Shepherd puppy and Decoy is so gentle with him. Let's him chew on his Nylabone with him, allows him to take over his bed when he comes to visit, and is just amazing. We are all continuously surprised at what a great dog he is, and what a great temperament he has, we enjoy him so much. He is getting so big and just getting gorgeous! We think he has his dad's looks. Here are some recent photos.
Ben and Chanel Clayton

Thank you. We have been well. Hannah is doing very well. She's very
smart and a fast learner. She is really attached to us-sometimes she
would rather spend more time with us then the two other labs. By all
means- let the potential clients talk to us- we have nothing but praise
for you and your dogs.
Thanks again.


Hi, we love Tiberius. He is getting so big, and he is too smart for his age. I think I told you that he is house broke, if not. It only took us about one week, after we got him. He has a voice, he let's us know when he wants out or he needs food/water. He knows commans now (only a few) stay or back and of course NO! His chewing is only with his toys, he has not chewed on anything that is not his. His paws are so big, he uses them to control his buddy Foxie (shih tzu). He has us aways laughing and smiling, there is so much personalty and more as time goes by. I have some pic's of him as soon as I get them down load I will send you a few and you can use them on your web site. And yes if someone wants to know what your pups are like they can call/email and believe me, if they truely want one they will waste no time. Tiberius is a very beautiful Choc. Lab, and we thank you very much for him.
Take care Jeff and Kaye
Hello! Just wanted to let your family know that "Bear" is well and enjoying life with us.
He met our other dog Lucy without much of a hitch. She has been very patient with him and even lets him chew on her dog tags and crawl underneath her (while he can). The cats Jake and Jude tolerate him but aren't too scared of him. Eventually they will settle down and probably start crawling on him too as they do Lucy. Currently we have my mom's Cockapoo Gracie staying with us for the holidays and she is not sure about him and barks at him. He doesn't think anything of it and still tries to play with her.
Bear was quite good the first night at my parents and only woke me up around 4:30 for a potty break. He travelled perfectly but he was a little scared the first night at our house and ended up sleeping with my husband and me on a pillow between us. He is starting to get used to the crate though as I try and put him in it whenever he is tired and he curls up in it under my desk at work (where everyone loves to come and visit him and pet him). He is starting to respond to his name and is even picking up "Leave it" quite fast when he tries to chew on things he is not supposed to.
He has won the heart of everyone he meets, even my 93 yr old Grandmother who didn't think we needed another pet and frowned for about an hour, by the end of the evening she was asking to hold him and he spent most of the evening curled up in her lap. Smile emoticon
Thanks again for allowing us to add one of Kia's & Ben's puppies to our family!
Thought I would give you an update.......Ruby is doing great. Took her on her first Steelheading trip last Sunday and she is an excellent boat dog. We had to put down our older lab today and Ruby is making it a little easier on the family.
Thanks again,

Jeff and Zeus experienced the beach today -- needless to say they both had a great time! At this moment, Zeus is sleeping (snoring even) and Jeff is very close to joining him <grin>. I just thought I would share these pictures with you all.
I hope all is going fantastic for everyone! We are doing great! I really believe this puppy has helped Jeff's anxiety and enhanced his freedom.
Zeus graduates from Puppy Kindergarten on Monday! We are proud parents!
Take care,
Penny and Jeff
Hi my name is Loren, I bought a Chocolate lab from you guys back in September. I attached a photo of the dog you sold me, I named her Sadie. She has been such an amazing dog. She's so smart, and strong. Everyday I throw the ball for her for about an hour and she can never get enough of it. Weekends I usually take her on hiking and camping trips, she always stays near me while we are hiking, one of the most loyal dogs I've seen. She can't get enough of the water, she was out swimming in the lake in 30 degree weather. Thanks again, she has become a very close companion to me. I'm looking into getting another lab, a male, so I'll probably see you guys again this spring or summer!

Hi warren, I just thought i would share a couple of recent pictures of charlie. He is getting so big, he is 95 pounds. He is a very good boy, and very handsom. We had just got him neutered today so he isnt really feeling well. We thought about having puppies but decided not to. Well i hope you like the pictures, i will probly send you more later on.
Jamie and Sean

I just wanted you to know how well Buck was getting along. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is great with the kids and very well behaved.
Thank you again,