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OFA hips good
OFA elbows normal
EIC clear by parentage
CNM clear by parentage
Optigen PRA clear/normal

Ben is a nicely bred Chocolate male with exceptional field lines including many lines that are not found in a lot of chocolates. Ben is seriously the most mellow and well tempered pup I have ever had the pleasure of raising. So far these traits are showing in his pups. We've also had many happy owners tell us that his pups are exceptional in the field. His pups go fast as he is getting quite the reputation of producing some amazing dogs. We are excited to hear that some of his pups are doing so well in the field that they are starting their hunt tests and will soon be titled! Ben has his OFA clearances, eyes were cleared as a pup. He is EIC and CNM cleared by parentage. Pedigree below is of Ben's sire, Wind River's Jelly Or Jam, and of his dam, Kingston's Wind River Rush JH. Ben . cleared through parentage. More pictures:

Parents Grand Parents Great Grandparents G. G. Grandparents
FC/AFC Canis Major's River Bear
NAFC/FC River Oaks Rascal
FC/AFC River Oaks Way-da-go-rocky
Shamrock Acres Juego De Azar
Timberlane's Samantha
FC AFC Raider's Piper Cub
FC Nan-dool's Elwood Blues(Sire)
Timberlane Cinnamon
FC AFC Volwood's Ruff &Ready
Super Powder
FC AFC Echo's Triple Rough And Ready
Ruby Xii
Haverhill Archer's Red Echo
FC CFC Triple Echo
Wind River's Jelly or Jam
Puget-power Bay Archer
AFC Hiwood Apache
FC AFC Hiwood Clincher
CNFC FC Hiwood Apache Scout
Beaver Creek's Tara Rageing
Westwind's Jill Of Oakhill
FC/AFC Snake Eyes Double Or Nothin
Kreekside's Back To Baysics JH(Dam)
FC AFC Oakhill Exponent
NAFC/FC Gusto's Last Control
FC/AFC Snake Eyes Double Or Nothin
Lindell's Perfect Crime
Hawkeye's Watergator Anny
Captain Cove Mcnaughty
FC/AFC Wilderness Harley To Go
Pedigree above of Ben's sire
Pine Creek's Mcchigger
Pedigree below ofBen's dam
Kingston's Wind River Rush JH
FC AFC Kensbridge Darkly Handsome
FC AFC Westwind's Rock And Roll 'Em
FC/AFC Snake Eyes Double Or Nothin
Dale's Double Hope
Kensbridge Bad To The Bone JH
Both Barrel's Loaded QAA
Wild Widgeon Of Kensbridge MH
Knights Tail Dehlia JH
FC AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky
FC/AFC Canis Major's River Bear
Timberlane's Samantha
Knight's Tail Of Emily SH