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Ireland Farms Rowdy On The Beech, (Rowdy)

DOB 09/26/2015
OFA prelims - Excellent hips
OFA prelims - Normal elbows
EIC clear
PRA clear
CNM clear
HNPK clear
Cystinuria clear
Carries Chocolate

Rowdy is a great looking English Lab out of Belle and Jagger. He and his siblings have been some of the best looking and mellow pups ever produced out of Ireland Farms. We really look forward to continuing the leagacy that his parents have left behind. More pics:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/71334151@N05/albums/72157670303631596
​​​Ireland Farms H-C LaBrook's Oxbow Arrow, (Hero)

D.O.B 07/18/2015
OFA prelims hips good, elbows normal 
PRA clear
EIC clear
CNM clear 
HNPK clear
DM clear
cystinuria clear
Dilute free by parentage

Hero is a well bred English Lab. His sire, Ted, AM CH Pt'd High Voltage Rough Rider SH is a very impressive dog. With all the Champions in his pedigree, it's nice seeing a dog with looks and nice drive in the field.  
Hero loves to retreive and has already produced some amazing family and hunting dogs.  He is chocolate factored and available for breeding to approved females. More pics:   https://www.flickr.com/photos/71334151@N05/albums/72157667302482734

Your female MUST have a negative Brucellosis test done no later than 10 days before breeding, no exceptions! This can be done at your local vet. Females must also be non-dilute, and OFA certified for hips and elbows. 
There is NO COST to board your female at our place, as long as you bring her own food.
We feed and recommend Black Gold dog food. .If you would like us to use our food, there will be a $5 per day charge.
We expect you to pick your dog up when the matings are completed. Dogs left in our care more than 3 days past the end of mating will be charged board at the rate of $10 per day.
If your female arrives with external parasites, she will be given a flea/tick bath and you will be charged a grooming fee of $25.00. It is best if you give her a bath at home prior to mating, and if parasites are a problem in your area, use a product like BioSpot or Frontline PRIOR to mating.
All Stud Service fees must be paid in full prior to your Stud Service being provided. All other costs must be paid in full when the female is picked up (food, grooming, any testing fees).
Absolutely no litter applications will be signed without payment in full.
We RARELY provide stud service for "pick of the litter", as we keep a full compliment of dogs in our own kennel.

No stud service will be provided without a written, signed stud contract.
We, the undersigned, have agreed to breed
______________________________________________, AKC #__________________ to________________________________________________, AKC #__________________ , UKC # _____________________
with the following conditions:

1. The dogs: The dog owners shall supply each other with copies of AKC registrations, and a three generation pedigree.

2. The breeding: If the breeding is to be natural.

3. Boarding the female during the breeding time:
Cost: If the female is boarded with the stud dog owner for the breeding, no fee will be charged as long as the females owners supply the food. If they do not, the fee for boarding will be $5 per day. At the completion of breeding time, this fee will increase to $5 (with food supplied by females owner) OR $10 per day (stud dog owner supplies the food).
Medical care: The females owner assumes all costs incurred for any veterinary procedures and or reproductive services or medical treatment required for the female while she is in the care of theIrelands to fulfill this contract. TheIrelands will make every attempt to contact the females owners prior to taking her for medical attention.
Home telephone: ___________________ Work telephone: ____________________
Cell telephone: _____________________
Expenses due: _____________________________________________

4. Stud Fee: The stud fee is $700.00 dollars, or pick of the litter. The choice is up to the stud owner. The females owner shall pay a $300.00 nonrefundable service fee before the mating takes place with the balance of $400.00 due before the AKC and/or UKC litter registration is signed by the stud dog owner. There is no free return mating if the female is not in whelp. 

6. Definition of a litter: The female owner must notify the stud dog owner when the litter is born. A litter consists of two puppies that live at least 48 hours. If only one puppy is born and lives past 48 hours, the stud dog owner will sign the AKC/UKC litter papers for that one puppy with no further fee due (this means that if there is only one puppy living past 48 hours, the total stud fee and
service fee is $250.00).
7. Puppy with defects: Any puppy born with genetic or congenital defects must be humanely euthanized by a licensed veterinarian (example is cleft palate).
8. No pregnancy: If the female is not pregnant, this should be confirmed by x-rays immediately prior to the due date for the litter. (Often a litter of 1 or 2 pups will not make a female appear pregnant. X-rays very late in the pregnancy will not harm the pups.) If the female is not pregnant and the owners elect for her to return on her next cycle to one of the Irelands stud dogs, the nonrefundable service fee on the subsequent mating will be reduced by 50% to $125.00. The remainder of stud fee will not be reduced.

7. Any additional or special agreements: Conditions or provisions must be noted at the end of this form and signed by both parties.

__________ came into heat on ___________. She was bred on _____________________. She is due to whelp on or about _________________________________.

Total Due: ______________ Paid: _______________ Check Number: _________________

Paid: _________ Check Number: ______ Paid: ___________ Check Number: _______

Owner or Agent of Stud DogDate

__________________________________________ _____________________

Owner or Agent of Female Date
Address Phone Number
__________________________________________ _____________________
__________________________________________ _____________________
Additional agreements or provisions: